This course provides basic counselling skills to help individuals  deal with and overcome crises and trauma. 

Trauma Counselling Training

Trauma Counselling Training

Trauma is defined as “severe emotional shock and pain caused by an extremely upsetting experience”.

Most people will suffer a traumatic experience at least once in their life and therefore trauma can be identified as any event that is regarded as negative and that changes a person’s view of themselves and their world.

Crises can exacerbate all existing issues and conflicts. And we  need skills to support our ourselves, families and others to cope and move beyond trauma!

The value of Trauma Counselling

It is in this context that trauma counselling is valuable, because it supports a person in identifying and coming to terms with the feelings and emotions experienced during and after a traumatic experience. These emotions will vary from individual to individual and need to be addressed. If suppressed, they will almost certainly have an impact a person’s physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Trauma counselling is a short-term intervention, essential for the promotion of emotional well-being and critical support for adults and children alike.

This psychosocial support programme is aimed at providing a basic foundation for dealing with trauma and providing support to enable a person to comes to terms with the traumatic event and then be able to move forward more courageously.  



To equip students with the knowledge, skills, processes and tools to support children, teenagers and adults, who experience trauma, on their journey to wellness.



Students will:

Be able to identify the different types of Crisis and Trauma

Be able to identify the different phases of Trauma 

Understand the psychological impact, reactions and recovery determinants of trauma and how it affects the whole body of a human being

Know how to help children of different age groups in crisis and through trauma recovery

Understand the Counselling Process and be able to facilitate counselling session

Be able to elicit awareness of smart skills of coping with a client

Be able to support a client to create a personal well-being and maintenance plan.



Crises vs Trauma

Understanding the State of Mind of the client

Distress in Crises

Trauma Recovery Approaches

Stress and The process of Smart Skills of Conscious Coping

The impact of Self-Acceptance and Self-Belief

The Wheel of growth



This Psychosocial Support programme will be in the form of blended learning. This includes live zoom training sessions plus access to online material, videos and assessments.



Certificate of Attendance is obtained on:

Attendance of all live online training

Successful completion of online assessments